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Maximize Your Returns: Reclaiming US Taxes – FIRPTA 8288A, 1042S, 1099, and More

Unlocking refund opportunities for non-US citizens with valid ITINs. Learn how to reclaim excess federal tax withholdings from FIRPTA 8288A, 1042S, 1099, and other scenarios. Explore potential refunds on property sales, treaty-exempt income, gambling winnings, IRA distributions, and more. Discover the eligibility criteria and steps to reclaim your rightful tax refunds within the specified deadlines.

Most common forms on FIRPTA TAX

Most common forms on FIRPTA TAX

If you’re a non-US citizen selling property in the United States, it’s crucial to understand the Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act (FIRPTA) and its implications. Learn about the most common forms required for FIRPTA tax compliance, including Form 8288, Form 8288A (with and without federal tax withholding), and exemptions. Discover who the withholding agent is and the responsibilities involved in ensuring FIRPTA tax compliance. Stay informed to navigate the complexities of FIRPTA when dealing with US real estate transactions.