American 1040/104NR Tax & ITIN Service

American 1040/104NR Tax & ITIN Service for Expats and Foreign National with USA income

US Tax consultants with ex big 4 accounting firm experience

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We are a firm of tax consultants with several years of Big 4 firms experience..

Our fees are agreed in advance and not based on hourly rates.

Flexible approach in scheduling meeting in person at your workplace, Skype or phone.

IRS Approved Certified Acceptance Agent and Enrolled Agents

Timely professional service with quality assurance.

We can make all arrangements to gather your tax documentations.

American 1040 Tax and UK Tax, ITIN and EIN Services

Our firm offer a range of services, including US and UK tax returns and planning. ITIN and EIN Specialists with many years of experience helping US Citizens living abroad, Foreign Investors in US markets. Our client ranges from Students, Professors, Investment bankers, high-wealth individuals, we aim to help our clients to walk through the complexities of US expat tax in the most efficient way.

We as dual handlers of US/UK or other foreign country tax system aim to ensure all the appropriate tax treaty positions are claimed and all the compliance are taken care as an American expatriate living outside of United States.

We listen to our clients service requirements and act on it in a proactive manner with appropriate tax planning. We highly value client relationships and passionate about serving our clients with quality, timely and cost effective manner.

ITIN Services

Peace of Mind

Our fees are agreed in advance and covers all the IRS notice if any for the work signed off by our team.
For ITIN service if the ITIN rejected after 3 attempts we will issue a refund.

1040/1040NR Experts

We have over 20 years of experience working on the 1040 Federal and state tax returns assisting expatriate living outside of the United States and Foreign Nationals with USA investment income.

Timely Professional Service

We aim to work and complete the US Federal tax compliance work within 3 weeks of receipt of complete data and for ITIN Service within one week of receipt of complete data.


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