Reclaim US tax

Maximize Your Returns: Reclaiming US Taxes – FIRPTA 8288A, 1042S, 1099, and More

Unlocking refund opportunities for non-US citizens with valid ITINs. Learn how to reclaim excess federal tax withholdings from FIRPTA 8288A, 1042S, 1099, and other scenarios. Explore potential refunds on property sales, treaty-exempt income, gambling winnings, IRA distributions, and more. Discover the eligibility criteria and steps to reclaim your rightful tax refunds within the specified deadlines.

ITIN for Beneficiary IRS 401K plan

ITIN for Beneficiary IRS 401K plan

Learn how to obtain an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) for a beneficiary of a deceased US citizen’s or resident alien’s 401K plan. Discover the steps involved, including Form W7 application, obtaining a letter from investment firms, and reclaiming excess taxes. Our expert team offers efficient and cost-effective assistance with ITIN applications, tax filing, FATCA compliance, and more. Don’t risk delays or mistakes—get the ITIN you need to access your pension distribution promptly.